Saffron flower bath


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Ingredients: Naturally dried saffron flower with saffron stigmas
Storage conditions: from + 5oC to + 40°C and relative humidity not exceeding 70%
SPA effect procedures from saffron flower
How to use: 1 packaged saffron flower is opened, added to 2 litres of boiled water (70-80°C), kept in a closed glass jar for 1 hour (more) and then add to the bathtub filled with water Take a bath for 20 minutes or more (upon desire) Bathing with saffron flower (stigmas and petals) softens, elasticizes, moisturizes the skin and gives it a rejuvenating effect, strengthening the skin.
It also has an antibacterial effect, a delicate and pleasant aroma has a positive effect on calming the nervous system.



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