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Absheron Shafran LLC, established in 2016, is the first company to manufacture patented saffron products in Azerbaijan. The company has a production site in the village of Zira on the Absheron Peninsula and grows saffron on an area of 20 hectares.

To introduce our best premium saffron products to our customers, the “Saffron Products” boutique was launched in 2022. Since its launch, the colorful products have attracted great interest from both local and foreign citizens. The products are not only on the local market but are exported at the same time to several countries around the world, both in the form of raw materials and products. The company’s products were exhibited at several exhibitions in the USA, Germany, Qatar, Turkey, Dubai, and Azerbaijan.
The products of the company are completely organic. The company does not use any chemical or synthetic products in the cultivation and processing of saffron and saffron products. Also regularly certified by Swiss laboratories. Based on our production of saffron, we get natural products.

The invaluable quality

This is a completely bio-organic product containing no chemical additives. We even have several certificates related to saffron, but the most important is the result we received from the Swiss laboratory: even the smallest nuances related to saffron were assessed, but it turned out that there was no additive.

Moreover, its dark color indicates its quality and the reason is that it is grown in iodine fields and is rich in iodine. And sea air carried by the wind is certainly one of the most effective means.
The soil is very fertile, pH of 6.5, and is treated with organic fertilizers.

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“Discover the charm of our saffron with our catalog. We invite you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of our saffron and related products through our digital catalogs! With just one click, you can explore the history, properties, and multiple applications of our precious saffron, along with a selection of artisanal and gourmet products that enhance this precious spice to the fullest.”

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