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Established in 2016 Absheron Saffron LTD., is the first manufacturer of patented saffron products in Azerbaijan. The company has a production site in the village of Zira on the Absheron Peninsula and grows saffron on an area of 20 hectares.
In order to better familiarize our customers with our premium quality saffron products, an exhibition hall called “Saffron Products” was launched in 2022. We have certificates from France and America. It is also regularly certified by Swiss laboratories. Based on our own production of saffron, we get natural products.

100% Bio Products

We cultivate ISO 3632 Grade 1 or A+ quality saffron on our 20ha+ fields. Our saffron is regularly certified by French and Swiss laboratories.

Health benefits

People with weakened immunity are more likely to be infected with coronavirus, which hit the whole world. Saffron and saffron products are the number ONE natural remedy to boost immunity.

Ansheron Saffron